Alcohol:   13.5%
TA:    6.7 g/L 
RS:    <3 g/L
pH:   3.29


Bottled:  September 20, 2018

Cases Produced:  10550


North Canterbury, New Zealand


Our Sister’s Ridge Sauvignon Blanc has a classic New Zealand style, ready to be poured into a glass and enjoyed immediately following its bottling. This wine displays iconic notes of grassiness, while simultaneously offering a generous amount of fruit weight. Creamy on the palate with fresh kiwi fruit-like crispness and long green apple-like flavors on the finish.


2018 was a great vintage for Sauvignon Blanc. Good flowering followed by a warm summer led to good maturity. Rain at regular, desired intervals allowed for next to no irrigation. The Sauvignon Blanc harvest began on the 28th of March and finished on the 12th of April.  The grapes were picked and then gently pressed to stainless steel tank. Gentle pressing allows good clean fruit expression while minimizing the extraction of undesirable phenolics. Once in tank the wine settled for 48 hours before the clear juice was pumped off into another tank for fermentation. This wine was fermented with a variety of aromatic yeast strains.


Pair our Sister’s Ridge Sauvignon Blanc with ceviche, creamy pastas or roast chicken.


The majority of our Sauvignon Blanc is planted on the most Northern part of the vineyard and from the most fertile and vigorous parts of our Sauvignon Blanc blocks. What this has led to is a wine with much more focus on the green grass and bell pepper side of this varietal, with more fruit and good racy acidity. All of our Sauvignon Blanc is hand-thinned and machine harvested before it is pressed into juice on site. The planted clones are a mix of University of California Davis (UCD) 1 and Mass selection (MS) on a mix of 101-14, 3309 and Schwarzmann rootstock, with a quarter of the vines Bordeaux clones BDX 316 and BDX 317, on Riparia Gloire rootstock. The Bordeaux clones tend to give a definite lift to Sauvignon Blanc flavors, with less cut grass and more tropical flavors providing a more artisan style, balanced, elegant wine which compliments a range of foods.

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