Teece Family Vineyards: Sister's Ridge


Planted 2004-20069 blocks, 38.0 hectares (93.86 acres)
84464 vines
@2.4x 1.5 metres
Yield: 8 tonnes/hectare (3.23 T/acre)

The majority of our Sauvignon Blanc is planted on the most Northern part of the vineyard and from the most fertile and vigorous parts of our Sauvignon Blanc blocks. What this has led to is a wine with much more focus on the green grass and bell pepper side of this varietal, with more fruit and good racy acidity. All of our Sauvignon Blanc is hand-thinned and machine harvested before it is pressed into juice on site. The planted clones are a mix of University of California Davis (UCD) 1 and Mass selection (MS) on a mix of 101-14, 3309 and Schwarzmann rootstock, with a quarter of the vines Bordeaux clones BDX 316 and BDX 317, on Riparia Gloire rootstock. The Bordeaux clones tend to give a definite lift to Sauvignon Blanc flavors, with less cut grass and more tropical flavors providing a more artisan style, balanced, elegant wine which compliments a range of foods.


Planted 2004-2013
8 blocks, 21.592 hectares (53.35 acres)
94,000 vines
@2.2x1.0 metres
Yield: 6 tonnes/hectare (2.50 T/acre)

Our Pinot Noir is planted on the Southern section of our vineyard, which has the highest elevation, providing extra warmth and less exposure to frost. In addition, our vines are closely planted to reduce vigor, resulting in lower crop levels and allowing us to ripen these grapes to achieve a true expression of this variety. We hand tend all our Pinot Noir throughout the season and at harvest. Our mix of Pinot Noir clones were specifically chosen for their flavor profile with 50% of the vineyard planted in Burgundy clones. Clone 667 fills out the middle palate, while 777 provides a long finish. The rest of the vines are a mixture of eleven other clones, including UCD 5, UCD 6, 114, 115, Mariafeld, AM10, 4, 5, 943 and Abel. The aim of these selections is to

build sound palate structure in the wine, providing a vibrant ruby colored wine with ripe fruit, subtle tannins, great length and persistence of flavor.

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